What’s Amazon? 

Amazon in general is one of the largest international companies. Although it’s one of the largest companies it also but it’s solely internet store based when it wants to supply books worldwide. As it depends on internet connectivity it will face some issues. For example,” something went wrong error” .Which has negative impacts on its regular customers. 

Additionally, in various situations, it’s appeared to customers that something isn’t working alongside the server and is facing some internal issues. It also can happen due to bugs in the mobile hardware. Nonetheless, the ” something went wrong ” message shows a general issue which has already happened, mainly a symptom. Anyways, it also occurs for the internet connection issue.” something went wrong on our end ” sometimes shows up which implies Amazon is facing a problem with its server to be specific. 

Now how to fix this particular issue?

It would be a good option to reload the application or the web page in general. Not to mention, error words can show up even though functions are stable so refreshing the web page or app is a simple and easy solution. 

Nevertheless, if you notice in general amazon server is down it’s outside of your control so here the solution would be to wait for amazon to take its initiative. 

In case, the problem is happening because of the internet, the solution might be double check your wifi or in general internet connection or if it’s stable on another device try for a while. 

However, if it’s occurred in your handset or phone the phone might have issues on its own. As we know android or iPhone devices are more prone to internal issues.

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Now let’s say something went wrong in Amazon prime video what will we do?

In case you are fed up with error messages like ” amazon pics something went wrong”, “amazon Kindle something went wrong”, or “amazon Alexa app something went wrong”  the common reason for this would be :

1st solution 

Internet issues in your device and amazon server in general 

Network problems might be the main issue. Also, servers are down on amazon itself or hardware problems or you mistakenly haven’t had much activity in your amazon account or it might be another case like your subscription had already expired. The first way I would suggest is ‘Try again after a while. Also, try to wait for a few minutes if you can then use the try again button. Although if your device has a problem with the amazon server you got to wait for even more than 24 hours.

2nd way

I would suggest that you log in and log out of your amazon account. Here you can resign to your amazon prime video account. It’s especially if you’re not active much in your amazon account. 

3rd way 

I would suggest which is common yet useful to restart your amazon prime video app or your android or iOS device. 

4th way

I would like to suggest, try to see if you are facing an internet problem as most problems occur due to internet issues. Use troubleshooting if it’s too much. Additionally, rather than using only wifi, you can try to enable or disable VPN or in general use any other network if it works for you 

5th way 

I would suggest, fix your location setting to be specific. For example, in many countries, some specific series or movies are prohibited for some issues. However, amazon prime video is available globally still for some political or religious issues some countries are prohibited such as Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea etc.

6th way 

That’s cache data removal. If cache data is consuming too many spaces it will slow the program. So cache data clearing would solve this problem. 

7th way 

The great way would be to update the amazon prime video every once in a while as it’s an app it will sometimes have bugs. In case, you are using an old version upgrading your app to the latest one would be a solution 

8th way 

The interesting way is, to try to uninstall and install again the Amazon app you are using. Because sometimes if you didn’t notice some rules and regulations of the app it may occur.

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