Best Subtitles App For Movies in 2022


Subtitles are captions that appear at the bottom of a movie or television screen to translate or transcribe dialogues and/or narratives. They’re a great way for language learners to pick up new terms and slang while viewing shows in a foreign language. Check out our Best Subtitles App For Movies in 2022.

They provide dialogue transcription from source to target language, as well as narrations of background events, transcriptions of often inaudible sounds, and so on, for ordinary moviegoers.

If you don’t use a movie streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, the movies you watch may not have subtitles in your target language or none at all. But that doesn’t have to be the end of it; there is a slew of websites where you can manually download them and add them to your favorite movie-watching app.

It is my responsibility to give you a selected list of the best you can use. Many of them include subtitles in a variety of languages and formats, as well as ratings and comments.

1. OpenSubtitles

OpenSubtitles is one of the most popular subtitle platforms, with over 5 million subtitles in 50 languages. Elmedia Player for Mac offers built-in subtitle capability, allowing users to watch movies with subtitles without having to manually download them just follow some setup . Users can also add subtitles, submit requests, join a forum, download recommended browsers and extensions, and keep up with the company’s blog.

Users can now search for subtitles using a series or movie title, an IMDB ID, or by visiting their dedicated pages on the new website.

2. Podnapisi

Podnapisi is a fantastic resource for getting subtitles for movies and television series in a variety of languages. Currently, it has 2,078,527 subtitles for 58,959 movies and 6,715 series in 100 languages, with 61,697 subtitles created by the community and 00,235 subtitles modified for deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) audiences!

Every day, new subtitles are added to Podnapisi, and you can search for subtitles by year, genre, keywords, or utilizing the advanced search engine’s capabilities. You may also make a user account with them and participate in their forum, where you can ask questions, request subtitles, and so on.

3. YIFY Subtitles

YTS (a.k.a. YIFY Torrents) owns YIFY Subtitles, a subtitle-focused site. YTS (a.k.a. YIFY Torrents) is a P2P group known for sharing movies over BitTorrent. YTS uploads were in HD and had a tiny file size, unlike most of their competitors. This set them out from the crowd.

Users may search for subtitles using keywords, year of release, genres, languages, and popularity on YIFY Subtitles, which has a clean, dark-mode UI. All subtitles are free of piracy and advertisements. However, unlike the other options on this list, you are unable to make requests or participate in forums.

4. Subscene

Subscene is what I refer to as an “old-timer” website. Since 2005, it has provided users with free subtitles in a variety of languages, with the possibility for users to contribute their own subtitles, engage in the forum, and request subtitles in several target languages. However, a user account is necessary for these additional features.

Subscene’s UI offers a light and dark mode, and you may download subtitles for popular music videos to sing along with your friends in addition to movie and TV program subtitles.

5. Addic7ed

Another great one-stop-shop for movie and TV show subtitles is Addic7ed. It doesn’t have the slickest user interface, but it’s well-organized. My favorite feature is the option to display movie and television show broadcast dates in an RSS feed, with new releases prominently highlighted at the top of the page.

Users can make subtitle requests, submit their own, participate in forums, and volunteer to work on the development team. The sole disadvantage of Addic7ed is that downloading requires you to be logged in. While both the subtitles and the user accounts are free, obtaining subtitles requires the creation of a “free” account.

6. English-subtitles

English subtitles take pride in having the greatest collection of English subtitles, having gathered subtitles for both movies and television shows since 2015. It has a simple dark mode UI with search options for users to use keywords or the linked lists on the site.

7. iSubtitles

iSubtitles’ user interface allows users to search for movie subtitles by title, release year, genre, or anything else. On its homepage, a list of movies with their subtitle count is given, and you may also explore movies by region, language, and genre if you choose.

iSubtitles has indexed 68,573 movies and 1,584,090 subtitles since its inception in 2015. You’ll discover exactly what you’re looking for here.

8. SubDivX

SubDivX is one of the largest databases of free, legal subtitles that can be accessed through video players and media centers (e.g. Kodi). Uploads can be made by users with permission to distribute subtitles, and others can engage in the forums.

You may search for subtitles using the listed query links (for example, most commented), and while the UI isn’t perfect, you’ll get the hang of it after a few uses.

Notable Mentions

Modern video players include a feature that allows users to download subtitles without leaving the app. VLC Media Player and Elmedia Player for macOS are two outstanding examples. Activate the subtitles in VLC by going to View > VLsub.

Many major websites offer subtitle downloads, but I’ve left them off this list because they don’t use suitable encryption methods (e.g. no SSL certificate). By the time you get to #8, you’re likely to have found the subtitles you require.

However, if you’re curious about others, here’s a list of the most popular:

  • Subtitle Seeker is a website that searches for movie subtitles.
  • is a website dedicated solely to TV show subtitles.
  • Subtitles for movies – only subtitles for movies
  • Subtitles.CZ is the largest DivX SubTitles site in the Czech Republic.
  • HR Subtitles – subtitles for movies

That’s all there is to it, guys, you are welcome to provide secure and reliable ideas about Best Subtitles App For Movies.

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