Best iPhone XR card case


Nowadays we want to travel hassle-free. It’s quite disturbing when we have to bear both our mobile with our wallets. For this reason, the manufacturer designed continuously for our comfortability. Such as a phone case with a wallet. The manufacturer designed such an iPhone card case which you can able bear to get away without a separate wallet. In this topic, we will discuss some of the best iPhone XR wallets cases.

Best iPhone XR card case

Ot one top iPhone  XR wallet case

This is a wallet case of OT ONE TOP brand. The Rose Gold wallet case designs for iPhone XR with a double magnetic clasp.

Card slots

In this wallet case, you get 2 card slots for your debit card/credit card or ID card or some cash. With this wallet case, you can go outdoor without taking a purse.


The OT ONE TOP brand uses High-quality material for the wallet case. They use Faux leather,  Polyurethane, Thermoplastic Polyurethane as the material of the wallet case. Soft PU material gives you feel comfortable when you touch it.

Stand Feature

You can convert the stand into a multi-angle comfortable view when you read or watch videos or pass your time on Facebook.


The wallet case features a full-scale cover to protect your precious device. In addition, The wallet features a full-scale cover to protect your precious device.

Firmly cutout

This wallet case has a firm cutout for speakers, audio ports, charging ports, and buttons for your convenience. This product is designed for use in the USA. Moreover, This wallet case may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Before purchasing you should check the compatibility of this product. However, This case is costing you $15-$20 with a shipping charge.

iPhone XR

Smarties iPhone XR Wallet Case

This is a case of Brand Smarties which is slim and protective. The Black Tie Affair wallet case is designed for iPhone XR.

Card slot

You get 3 card slots to keep the ID card, debit or credit card, and cash also. You can get also air-pockets in the corner with it to keep your precious mobile safe.


They use Thermoplastic polyurethane as the material of this case. This case is a built-in spring to keep your cards secure.


This wallet case featured heavy-duty protection, Grippy, Wallet, cardholder, raised bezel.


 This case has high grip textured sides which keeps your mobile safe after falling.

Compatible With Wireless Charging

Wireless charging capabilities built -in to this wallet case, so it is Nikola Tesla approved.

The electrical plug of this product is designed for the USA. You may require a converter or an adapter for use in your destination. Before purchasing you should check the compatibility of this product. Moreover,  This case is costing you $15 with a shipping charge.

The Shock Proof Card Case

The shockproof card case is designed for also iPhone XR. You get this case in three colors: White, black, and od green.

Card slot

You get two card slots with this wallet case to keep your ID card or debit or credit cards or cash.


This case is manufactured with the material polycarbonate. It has a TPU  bumper with a shock-absorbing pocket.


This is a light wallet case with 0.5oz. 2mm Lip Protection with No-slip grief. You can get a one-year warranty with this wallet case. When you frequently use cards the shockproof card case makes you easily accessible. 

The compartment has two slots that won’t interfere with RFID signals. It’s ideal for storing gym passes or parking tickets that are constantly scanned.


The case is designed as full-frame shockproof. The card case is made for durability with a TPU bumper with a strong polycarbonate shell. One or two cards are easily accessible in two cards slot.

iPhone XR card case

Complete Solution AKHVRS Wallet Folio

The AKHVRS Wallet case is a complete version where you can get a wallet and a case both. This case has a full detachable wallet.


This wallet case is made with genuine leather with a magnetic clasp. It is a softphone case when you take it in your hand you get a comfortable touch.

Card Slot

This wallet case a huge card slots. You can get 11 card slots for your ID card, debit or credit cards, or driving license, 3 cash slots to keep your cash safe, and a zippered portion for coin or key.


You get 11 card slots, 3 cash slots, and a zippered portion for coins and keys. It has a magnetic clasp for which slots close magnetically.


You get 360 Protection which provides excellent protection and prevent scratches, dirt, fingerprint, etc.


You get this cache in four colors: Black, Red, Brown, blue. Moreover, Every thought of us isn’t straightforward. All motivation comes from life. We generally don’t stop the aspire of creation. We have the desire to do the best quality items by AKHVRS. This case is costing you $24 with a shipping charge.

Full-grain wallet folio

For high-quality, attractive leather accessories Pad and Quill are very familiar to all. This is a stunning case with class and beauty. You feel elegant to have this wallet case.


This case makes of full-grain American leather. Moreover, All leather products from Pad and Quill are of the highest quality. The class and beauty of this wallet case are undoubtable.

Card slot

This is the wallet with eight card slots where you can keep your ID card or debit or credit cards. There is a cash portion for keeping cash. 


The case is stiff, smooth, and thin. There are finished cut-outs for the buttons, ports, and speakers. You can get a camera cut-out on the back with the plastic and leather.


The internal Snap-on case uses to protect your iPhone in a wallet case. Although the snap case is strong, smooth, and ultra-thin, the main protection provides to thicker leather.


You can get three exterior leather colors from the Bella Fino. The colors are Galloper Black, Chocolate, and Whiskey. This iPhone XR Card case is costing you $80  with a shipping charge.

Protect your iPhone by the wallet cases

You can protect your expensive smart mobile phones by wallet case. to avoid accidental damage and avoid expensive repairing costs we suggest you use a case. To lead hassle-free life you can use a wallet case to avoid mobile and wallet both. If you are looking for a wallet case with multi slots where you can bear your cards and cash, these iPhone XR wallet cases are the ones to check out.

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