Contract Phone If You Have Awful Credit History, Is It Possible?

Sat, Apr 11, 2009

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Prepaid T Mobile Phones is working on plans to build several devices that run Google’s Android operating system but can’t really be considered phones, according to internal documents secured by the New York Times this weekend. The revelation appears to provide more evidence to the argument that Android isn’t really a mobile phone’s operating system because in the future there won’t be devices thought of as phones.

There’s no good reason for phones to continue to exist as distinct devices for voice communication. For all intents and purposes, there will be no phones in the future – only portable data devices used for all kinds of communication, voice being an equal partner with the web.

The forthcoming T-mobile devices may be larger than an iPhone (one appears to be a 7 inch tablet), they may stay in a particular room or hallway in your home. Bard Dybwad writes at Obsessable, “Assuming the news has legs, it marks an aggressive push on the part of T-Mobile to throw its hat into the ring on developing devices in the middle layer between computer and cell phone, with Linux-based Android as the flexible open operating system that can accommodate a wide range of control schemes and device sizes.”

Would you carry a device with you if it was larger than an iPhone? Many people say they would – if the gains in features and productivity increased a lot as well. If someday the concept of a voice-centric device called a “phone” will seem antiquated, here are three factors we expect to contribute to that shift.

Voice and Data Cannot Remain Separate
Forcing users to pay one fee for voice communication through telephony and another fee for use of other data like the web is not a tenable long term business model. It’s comparable to expecting music fans to pay for music when it’s all available for free online.

Voice and web access are all just digital data, though, so it’s not realistic to expect people to pay twice in the long term. Paying separately for home internet service probably won’t happen forever, either.

The introduction of the Skype iPhone app last week showed how much demand there is for integrated communication. Which OS is most likely to integrate voice and other data first? Not the iPhone – but maybe Android. Android on a tablet, Android in your gaming portal, Android in the side of your refrigerator.

Sometimes it is a big pain, getting a contract phone. You will feel delighted, if you were previously rejected and now somebody promises you guaranteed contract phone. You can fail to get a phone contract, mainly because of your poor credit standings. All the retailers of phone plans will check your credit history before signing a contract with you. Guaranteed Contract Phone Even if You Have Bad Credit History

Your pay as you go phone is giving you major headaches. You also hurl curses at the world at large, when you exceed your credit and your phone goes silent. You tried a contract phone and what you repeatedly get is rejection. How can that be when all the phone companies want your business? A guaranteed contract phone is not everyone’s right. The companies that choose to give you contract phone irrespective of your credit history are 3, O2 and T-mobile. However, you just can’t walk into a showroom and get a guaranteed mobile phone. You can, if you have been in the United Kingdom for many years and you have good credit history. A few websites offer you Guaranteed Contract Phones.
However, don’t be surprised if you are faced with the requirement of a deposit, higher interest rate and higher per month commitment. At least a few retailers can now give you the regular contracts, even if you have bad credit history to show off. It is because, these phone companies need your business. They have rejected your application only because of the potential risk of lending to you. After all, everybody knows history repeats itself and the phone companies are worried if you will pay them.

Going through certain websites, you can surely get your phone and the ability to chat in the network of your choice. This is because, the phone companies trust these online retailers to sell their products to reliable persons.
With the right kind of online retailer, the only catch you have is to sign a direct debit contract. Address proof is a prerequisite for pay as you go plans too.

Get the guaranteed contract phone, even if you have bad credit history.

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